BBC2 Tokonoma/Shojis

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

in 2012 we were asked to create a Japanese

‘Tokonoma’ out of our Shoji Screens, to

display a Peony- that won an award! Carol

Klein described it as the best display ever

seen at the Chelsea Flower Show. Since then

we have made several Tokonomas, which are

display areas in a Japanese home- they once

had a spiritual significance although today

they may house a flat-screen TV!

If you want something very different in your home why not

create a Tokonoma? It need not be totally Oriental of course- a

Tokonoma can be a spiritual place or a beautiful display area.

Maybe you have a collection of something you would like to

show? Call us now on 0115 9674477. Tokonomas with a