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Japanese Blinds in Yoga Studio

Japanese Blinds in Yoga Studio

Office Blinds

Office Blinds

Stafford Yoga Centre 005OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The large pic is Stafford Yoga Centre-

Flameproofed Shoji Screens!    The

smaller shows Shoji Screens in a

Sheffield Clinic.

Warwick University – Large printed panels – Personalised logo room dividers

This photo is of one at Tapton Hall in Sheffield- it’s 13 metres wide and although it isn’t electric, it glides like a dream.

Tapton Hall

Having mastered the complex techniques required for some fabrics, we use almost anything from paper to woodweave, from fine silk to washable polyesters.

Blaenavon Heritage centre in Wales looked for an ‘Office Blinds’ company and chose us for a huge 5-metre drop Panel Blind, and in Lloyds TSB offices at Solihull we installed a 10-metre room divider. 

Office Blinds? Specify the best in Panel Blinds- Japanese Shoji Screens by Highbury Design Ltd.

All blinds firms tell you how their office blinds are the best quality- perhaps we can tell you about ours. We’ve researched all types of blinds for offices and homes over our 30 years and we’ll tell you what we found! Venetian blinds- they’re all steel headrails with aluminium slat; what no-one will tell you is that slat thickness (strength) varies hugely. The biggest blinds systems manufacturer is Hunter Douglas and their slat is a fifth of a millimetre thick (this is what we use). The biggest domestic blinds supplier uses a system that has slat around 25% thinner. Not designed for offices or commercial environments!  Blinds from the ‘sheds’ typically have slat 50% thinner. Office Vertical blinds- we use the ‘Louvolite’ system- many firms use this but don’t bother ‘equalizing’ the louvre spacing to stop the ‘dummy louvre’ effect at one end of the blind. They think you won’t notice… ’nuff said! Roller blinds- we offer curtain fabrics as well as all the ‘normal’ roller blind fabrics and because we’re artists we try to offer unusual styles. Our mechanisms are commercial quality for all our office blinds though! Timber Venetians- our main range is the ‘Luxmader’ range, made from Obeche, almost the lightest weight timber in the world. the Obeche is air-dried in Valencia to prevent warping, and there are 60+ colours available- all available in Vertical blinds as well! To put this in perspective, on mainland Europe Luxmader are regarded as the best in the world. None of the UK ‘Designer labels’ blinds are even close! Pleated blinds- we’ve been making triangular’shaped Pleated blinds for 30 years and hopefully we know what we’re doing now! We measure angles with an engineers’ angle finder, then fabrics are cut with a slight lower concavity on the hypotenuse.. because of gravity when a blind is in position! Shoji blinds- we invented these, again using Obeche timber and hanging them on a panel blind track. These blinds have been featured on TV  several times so we’re really proud of them! Panel blinds use the same track- and having made thousands using different panel blinds systems (Louvolite, Rufflette, Decora) we think the ‘Rutperfil’ system is by far the best. Sash blinds use the same panel blinds headrail, but at each side, vertically. Curtain panel blinds work on a panel blinds track in the usual way. All our blinds are made for strength- to be abused in effect. So often we see blinds fitted in offices that are of domestic quality- big mistake!

Office Blinds with a difference.

So now you know the questions to ask a blinds supplier when getting quotes!