funny stuff..

Had a lady blinds client apologise because I had to negotiate a boxed gas fire in her Council home hallway. She told me it had been sat there 3 months but the Council still hadn’t fitted it! Anyway, I returned a week later to fit her blinds and the fire was fitted! She said it was all thanks to me.. after I had gone, she had called the Council and told them I had struggled to get past it. They came around within the hour! After they had finished they said ‘is the blind man ok?’ She said yes, and he was coming back next week to fit the blind. They thought it was very funny…. absolutely true!

One day we had a quote to do at.. ‘The Trouble Arms’. Rachel insisted that was the name they gave on the ‘phone. ‘but there’s no way a pub would call itself that..’ ┬áI said.

So off Jon went… and Chubb Alarms were delighted with their new blinds!

Another time ┬áRachel was sick of a particular high-pressure salesman ‘phoning and asking for me- he wouldn’t take no for an answer so she whispered in the ‘phone ‘I’ll just put out a call for him’ then proceeded to bellow with her full lung capacity into the mouthpiece ‘NIIIIIIIIIIIICK!’

He never called again.