Handpainted Blinds & Screens

handpainted Shojis 003We hand-painted these screens as well as the lampshades that you will see on another page- they’re all in the same room! Handpainted Japanese Screens and blinds in London & Nottingham! Most of our handpainted work is in London- many people think the name ‘Highbury’ is from Highbury in London but it arose because we started in Highbury in Nottingham in 1987.  We have four artists- Nick & Steph (portrait painter and textile designer) plus Lubi who makes the Shoji Screens and Joseph
As you will have seen elsewhere on the website, we’re all artists- two portrait painters and a textile designer so painting onto our blinds and screens is a pleasure. Find a design on the internet and with the appropriate permission we can copy it or create something in that style. Here is one we did on wardrobe Shoji Screens!
Call us now on 0115 9671188 – handpainted blinds with a difference!