Japanese Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds Nottingham

Vertical Blinds Nottingham

Japanese Vertical Blinds Nottingham

Vertical Blinds have come a long way since the 1970s! Originally there were only a handful of fabrics available; now there are thousands! Japanese Vertical Blinds are made on the same headrail system as normal Vertical Blinds but there are no stabilizing chains at the bottom- instead, there are timber trims (lots of different colours/stains available!) at the bottom & top- sometimes in the middle too. Japanese Vertical Blinds are usually (but not always) wider in louvre size than normal Vertical Blinds being sometimes up to 25cm wide. They look much more contemporary than ‘normal’ Vertical Blinds- no-one can accuse them of looking like ‘Office’ blinds! Unlike most Vertical Blinds today the spacing is all ‘equalized’ to eliminate the ‘dummy louvre’ effect seen at the end of Vertical Blinds. We also give them a slightly greater overlap so the louvres don’t tend to get caught on each other. A matching timber pelmet will make your new Japanese Vertical Blind look fantastic! Because Japanese blinds are all hand-made they do cost more but they look fabulous and you can have them colour-co-ordinated with Japanese Shoji blinds and screens. A few years ago ‘Luxaflex’ introduced their Japanese Vertical Blinds range but have since discontinued them; sales tended to be only in the London area. By the way, we can supply ‘Luxaflex’ products but if you want ‘Luxaflex Japanese Vertical Blinds’ we’ll have to make them for you ourselves!  Do call us anytime for prices- Japanese Vertical Blinds can be extremely affordable compared with products from the National Blinds companies! We’re on 0115 9671188.

Vertical Blinds with a HUGE difference!