Us on TV

We had only been making Shoji Screens for a while and one day we had a call from a Channel 4 who had seen what we do! Sarah Beeny wanted to feature our screens on her programme and we had three days to make a demo- they actually wanted a London firm and thought ‘Highbury’ meant we were from London! Anyway, we then had to make screens for a home in Wembley and when the programme went out we expected to get a few website ‘hits’ but we weren’t overly confident. As it was, we had 2,500 website hits that night alone, and subsequently over 10,000 from all over the UK, from the USA, Australia and mainland Europe. Have a look at our Shoji’ page!

And these were featured on ‘Grand Designs’ !

Look for the home-on-stilts that rises with the Thames, at Marlow Lock!