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SHUTTERS We supply & fit Plantation Shutters (both timber and PVC Shutters) for all types of windows- we think our prices are the lowest around starting at £220 a sq metre fitted for PVC in white or ivory. In case you think quality is compromised- when the long-term MD of the most famous blinds firm in Britain wanted blinds for his own home he came to us! Yes, we know that’s weird- it’s a bit like Henry Ford driving around in a Vauxhall.. but absolutely true. Shutters are often called ‘Plantation Shutters’ although they pre-date US ‘Plantations’- historians say the Greeks used them first although they weren’t adjustable being made from marble. Shutters are an excellent burglar deterrent and can look beautiful- we sometimes make them ourselves using fabrics instead of louvres- see our ‘Shoji’ style shutters! Despite many claims to the contrary most window shutters are made in China where the degree of manufacturing automation is mind-boggling. This is why they do take about 10 weeks to deliver/fit. We have only heard of two types that aren’t made in China- ‘Luxaflex’ make theirs in Britain and we can supply Spanish-made window shutters made from ‘Obeche’ timber- the only downside is that they’re all hand-made so tend to be expensive. Anyway if you want window timber shutters do call us! We’re a tiny firm of artist/designers who have been featured on TV many times! Call us now for Shutters in Nottingham (or London!) on 0115 9671188


Santa Fe Shutters

Created from the finest Basswood Santa Fe Shutters offer two distinct ranges, Madison, Vermont, whilst the beauty of wood is emulated through our Nevada range of HSPVC shutters. The three meticulously crafted ranges are offered across our portfolio of shutter options: full height, tier-on-tier, café style or a track system.

Madison Shutters-

Manufactured from engineered Basswood offering 3 blade sizes: 63mm, 89mm & 114mm

Vermont Shutters –

Manufactured from solid Basswood offering 4 blade sizes: 47mm, 63mm, 89mm & 114mm

Nevada Shutters –

Manufactured from HS PVC Polyvinyl (Faux Wood) offering 3 blade sizes: 63mm, 89mm & 114mm.

– and our  pricing is transparent!  £220 a square metre including fitting and VAT! Nevada Shutters are beautifully made and cost similar prices to the ‘DIY’ Shutters advertised on TV!


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Timber Shutters

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Timber Shutters