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More Japanese Vertical Blinds in Nottingham- ‘Luxaflex’ made these for a while but then decided ‘Japanese Vertical Blinds’ weren’t going anywhere so abandoned them- we’re unsure why, as these are without doubt the best form of Vertical Blind on the market! They are very labour-intensive to make as each woodtrim has to be applied by hand but they are not that much more expensive than Vertical Blinds in Nottingham supplied by any of the national manufacturers, and we think you’ll agree they look great! Verticals do suffer from bad press now but these are the contemporary alternative.

Japanese Vertical Blinds

Japanese Vertical Blinds

Ok, these are technically Japanese Vertical Blinds in Nottingham- we have lots of photos of Vertical Blinds but we think you’ll agree these look a lot more interesting! Vertical Blinds have come on a long way since the 70s.. yes, we still make normal Verticals with stabilizing chains at the bottom but for a more contemporary look add wood trim! We can fit them at shaped windows as well as rectangular windows. Call us for a Quote! 0115 9671188 or email

History & technical.. Vertical blinds were first sold in Nottingham in the 1970s; at that time you could have beige or white- no-one thought of making them in colours! The bottom weights had chain threaded through their centres but were rapidly replaced by metal chains at each side. All Vertical Blinds headrails were silver; soon they were available in white or brown as well. There was a standard half-inch overlap in the early days- later on many firms introduced ‘equalized’ spacing when customers noticed that at one end of a blind the last two louvres had a huge overlap because their windows weren’t ‘perfect’ sizes. Subsequently child-safety measures were introduced too because of the danger of young children getting caught in the controls. We introduced ‘child safety’ measures in 1987 and ‘equalized spacing’ in 1989 on all our Vertical Blinds. Just after the Millenium we started making ‘Japanese’ Vertical Blinds- the market for Verticals was diminishing as customers began to perceive them as ‘office’ blinds. ‘Japanese’ Vertical Blinds have timber trims at the top and bottom- sometimes midway. They look much more contemporary and often people choose wider slats than normal- up to 8″ in fact! (about 25cm). Young people tend to prefer Japanese Vertical Blinds for a modern look with all the advantages that Vertical Blinds give. Vertical Blinds fabrics were never washable originally, because they have a ‘white glue’ stabilizer within the fibres and this dissolves instantly in water. However, today we have a range of Vertical Blinds fabrics called ‘Easycare’ which is a triumph of technology- fully washable- you can do it in very hot water although you will have to iron it. Below 30 degrees and you can just drip-dry them on the Vertical headrail! Finally, do be aware that cheap Vertical Blinds usually have weak plastic components that shatter easily; we use the LouvoliteSystem which has a plastic/nylon mix for the inner components. Vertical Blinds in Nottingham with a difference!
Decora: lots of ‘smokey’ colours in Vertical Blind fabrics- DECORA
Louvolite: brighter colours in Vertical Blind fabrics- LOUVOLITE
Eclipse: brighter colours in Vertical Blind fabrics; lots of dense fabrics to cut out light- ECLIPSE
Dutton & Gavin: slightly more unusual Vertical Blind fabrics- DUTTON&GAVIN
R A IRWIN: unusual but traditional Vertical Blinds fabrics! -Does that make sense?! IRWIN