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Find out more about your local independent blind & curtain specialist, Highbury Design

Highbury Design has been making bespoke, one-of-a-kind products since 1987...

Highbury Design began in Nottingham in 1987, owner Nick had been working for ‘Hillarys Blinds’ and he decided to set up on his own (funnily enough, when Hillarys Blinds long-term Managing Director wanted blinds for his own home he had Highbury Design to do the work!), making blinds and then curtains, artworks and upholstery.

What makes us special?

  • measuring blinds
    Over 31+ years of experience in making made-to-measure products
  • magazine rack
    Featured on TV & Magazines
  • bespoke blinds
    Majority of products are handmade and hand painted
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Because of the unique, authentic products we manufacture, our showrooms attract visitors from all over the country- we’ve had customers from Oxford, Leeds, London, Cambridge, Manchester & Norwich to name just a few!

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Over 31+ Years Experience
measuring blinds
Made to measure
magazine rack
Featured in magazines & TV
bespoke blinds
Handmade & Handpainted

Creatively Designed & Manufactured

Almost all of our blinds are hand-made, although our prices are often lower than our competitors.

For example, when we did blinds for Lowdham Village Hall they found our prices were lower than a well-known internet blinds supplier and we give a free fitting too!

See our quality in person before you buy!

Our showrooms attract visitors from all over the country

We’ve had customers from Oxford, Leeds, London, Cambridge, Manchester & Norwich to name just a few! In addition, we recently made panel blinds for Middle East clients.

Our work has been featured on a variety of different TV programmes including Sarah Beeny's 2019 TV programme!

Meet the Highbury Design team

Directors Stephanie and Nick are both artists, so expect lots of enthusiasm when you call us, whether it’s regarding curtains, blinds, artworks or Shoji panels.

Nick Highbury Design Nottingham


Steph Highbury Design Nottingham