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Order bespoke, handmade Japanese Shoji blinds

We've fitted thousands of Shojis all over the UK and been featured on TV several times; our Shojis are made from Obeche timber (almost the lightest weight wood on the planet) and 'Tranquil' spun polyester, an imitation paper that is 10 times stronger. No bottom track is necessary so no trip hazard and less likely to be damaged! Usually half the price of 'normal' Shojis, and patterned fabrics or hand-painting/printing can be employed.

Minimalist and versatile

Handmade at our Nottingham studio

Our Japanese inspired blinds can replace curtains or Vertical Blinds. They slide one-in-front-of-the-other on a simple Panel Blinds track so can also be used as Room Dividers, Wardrobe Doors, Desk Screens or simply to hide central heating boilers or bicycles!

Lots of different wood colours are available for our Japanese ‘Shoji’ Blinds and the wood is air-dried in Spain to prevent warping.

We can hand-paint the wood too of course, and some fabrics can be hand-painted too. Because of the quality control our Nottingham studio provides, we've been making Japanese Shoji Blinds for 8 years to be strong, long-lasting and durable.